Air Pressure (Inflation Pressure)

STL recommends checking tyre pressure at least once every fortnight (a tyre that has not been used for at least 3 hours).

  • Checking inflation pressure of the tyre after a long use is best avoided.
  • Always use the pressure recommended by the tyre manufacturer.
  • STL recommends use of dry air (clear of moisture, dust, etc.
  • After checking the tyre pressures, do not forget the replace the valve cap, which in addition to protecting valve core against dust, also acts as a secondary air seal.

Mismatch or improper inflation pressure of the front and rear tyres can have an effect on the handling of a bicycle.

Check the pressure of the tyres with calibrated gauge and if any irregularity is observed in the inflation pressure, adjust the pressure to recommended pressure, given manufactures.

Correct Placement

  • Tyre(s) of rib pattern are recommended to be mounted on the front tyre and tyre of lug pattern should be on rear wheel.
  • Tyres having semi lug/semi rib may be used in front/rear wheel both.


  • The tyre and the wheel must be thoroughly inspected by the fitter during mounting(inside & outside).
  • Specifications provided by tyre manufacturer must be complied with.
  • The rim must be clean and in good conditions (free of rust and sharp edges).
  • Tyre and the rim type match.
  • The valve of tube should have dust cap to avoid any damage in usage.
  • Better to have a suitable lubricant, lubricate all the bead seat area of the rim and also the bead of the tyre, on both sides.
  • Fit the tyre as per the rolling direction, which is indicated by an arrow on its sidewall.
  • Use suitable levers perform bead to rim mounting, and finishing at the location just ahead of the valve.
  • Mounting of tyre, Inflate until the bead are well seated on the rim & inflate without the core. Continue inflation up till defined air pressure mentioned on tyre for a proper bead seating.
  • Replace the valve core, if any leak observed in valve, inflate to the recommended pressure and screw the valve cap.


  • For safety reasons, for usage of new tyre, we recommended to use a new inner tube.
  • Rim band/Rim tape must be used to avoid spokes to damage inner tubes.
  • Inflate the tube slightly during fitment of tyre on rim.

Use always lubricant vegetable, to lubricate bead.

Do not mount tyre with lubricants which contain minimal/petroleum based products. Do not mount tyre manually with improper tools.


  • The tyre and the rim must be thoroughly inspected by the fitter (inside & outside).
  • Specifications provided by tyre manufacturer must be complied with.
  • The rim must be clean and in good conditions (free of rust/burs/sharp edges).

Maintain the fitment tools in good working condition & only use clean vegetable based lubricants.


  • Do not de-mount a tyre without application of lubricant on rim.
  • Do not damage the bead by using poorly maintained tools & osther methods.